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How it works

How Callbit works

Callbit is a global marketplace for call centre outsourcing, marketing and lead generation services. A global network of call centers, marketers and BPOs can be found on Callbit’s marketplace. In 60 seconds or less any user can post a campaign along with relevant campaign details and instantly compare from a large pool of service providers. 

To prevent common industry problems such as fraud, compliance or simply poor quality - Callbit’s escrow payment model (optional for users) will guarantee safe payments and services rendered for both parties (buyer and seller). Buyer will connect to sellers who reply to a campaign posting. Terms are signed off by both the buyer and seller and Callbit acts as the intermediary and overseer. Buyers email their basic terms to 

Once both parties agree to terms and sign off on an agreement, funds are paid up front and only released once the buyer approves of the services rendered by seller. It's important to be explicit with terms up front and for both the buyer and seller to give clear detail on their expectations early on, this is how disputes can be avoided in the future.

For example, if a buyer comes to Callbit to source call centers for live tranfer services or to find a marketer who can generate inbound calls by paid ads, but the buyer's intention is to only pay for calls that last a certain time duration. This time duration "clause" must be discussed on the Callbit messaging platform then signed off by both parties prior to any transactions or services rendered. Callbit cannot be responsible for business dealings off our platform and we cannot guarantee payments for business dealings not conducted on our platform. However, for the sake of this example, if the buyer and seller agree to a price per call and call duration terms and other terms, these terms will be the guiding standards which will dictate the outcome of any potential dispute.

We encourage all parties to always act in good faith and consider the value of brand awareness and reputation on our marketplace. We encourage all buyers and sellers to be safe and select carefully who they work with, yet leverage Callbit's capabilities to conduct due diligence, audit campaigns and act as a layer of safety and protection for both buyer and seller. 

For any questions please write to us directly at